Blockchain is a distributed ledger on a network of computers in various locations. The information recorded in a blockchain is difficult to change or hack. The transactions in the system is duplicated and distributed across the computer network and refer the information to each other to keep a reliable and transparent.

The blockchain protocols with cryptographic hash blocks, which contain relevant information about the previous transactions in the system.

Why Blockchain products bring the most advantages:

Smart contracts, is the policy, terms & conditions of the products & services sale then ensure that the sale is executed in a fair, reliable & transparent manner.

Direct ownership, created the products by issuing “tokens”, to exchange assets on the Ethereum network.

Cryptographic security, all transactions, transfers, issuance of new tokens are backed by the blockchain’s signature based security.

Multiple exchanges, can be traded the same token on multiple

What is a security token offering STO ?

In 2009 Bitcoins made Blockchain mainstream. While cryptos & other blockchain-related financing garnered the value of blockchain technology and other forms of distributed ledger technology in finance.

Banking & Technology institutions such as JP Morgan & Facebook, have already entered the blockchain…

Connextra Inc. US UK Thai

We found in 2018, for buyers, distributors, importers etc., as a business matching, now applying smart contract blockchain to the systems. ICO will launch soon.

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